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I Should Go On Vacation More Often!

Why is it that whenever you are going on vacation all hell breaks loose? Properties that you could never get a showing on are suddenly a hot commodity. Of course everyone wants to schedule showings for the day AFTER you leave. Why not one day earlier? Other properties that have had activity, now have multiple offers being submitted just as you are leaving. It is crazy.

It must be the real estate gods punishing me for deciding to take time off. Have I not earned it? I have been working until six or seven o’clock most evenings and have not taken a vacation since last July. It could be that is not enough. Maybe I need to make one more cold call before I leave or email someone from the plane. Would that satisfy them? Who knows?

I am not complaining, but it is almost unbelievable. It is nice to be busy, so I should shut up and be happy. However, now I know I will be working at least an hour a day while I am gone. I can already hear it now from my wife and kids “Come on Dad, hurry up so we can go the pool/beach/etc.” So much for the total relaxation I desired. At least with today’s technology we can access and manage our emails when we are out of the office. In the old days there would be over 1,000 emails when you returned which was a real pain on your first day back.

Ultimately, I think I have finally learned my lesson. What might that be? Here it is! If business is slow and not much is happening you must do one thing: GO ON VACATION! I know that goes against all conventional wisdom, but I bet it will work for you. It has for me for many years.

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