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Four Steps to Success in a New Year

It is the first full week of 2018, and we already know this year will be different than the last. The new tax laws are in place, e-commerce continues to explode, distribution channels are being re-evaluated, the loss of Xceligent and several other issues will all have an effect on the industrial real estate brokerage business.

Economists have differing views and forecasts for the year ahead, and this uncertainty can be stressful to those of us with jobs in professions whose incomes are commission based.

Even I am prone to feeling a little stressed. However, after thirty years in the business, I have found that following these four basic steps will help you accomplish your goals for the year:

  1. Continue to educate yourself on your local market. Know the properties, deals, data and trends for your area of specialization. This will give you the level of knowledge and expertise to properly service your clients and prospects.

  2. Always act in your client’s best interests. This sounds obvious, but it has to be first and foremost in a broker’s mind. By doing this it will help establish long-term relationships and lead to repeat business in the future.

  3. Prospect for new business. You never have enough existing clients to stop prospecting. This is the bread and butter of the business. Cold calling, networking and asking referrals are always important at any stage of your career.

  4. Work hard and smart. Be willing to put in the hours necessary to be successful. Your clients expect and deserve your best effort on a day to day basis. Do not spend time on unproductive activities. Focus on things that will lead to current or future business.

If you implement a plan incorporating these goals, I believe it should help you sleep a little easier this year. Good luck and best wishes.

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