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The Industrial Property Team at NAI Ohio Equities are outstanding! They do an excellent job of finding the properties that best fit our needs at a fair rate.

Glen Widner
VP, Logistics


The Industrial Property Team from NAI Ohio Equities were great advisors throughout the entire sale/leaseback process. This transaction was unique in that it was a multi-market assignment and closed in the midst of a global pandemic. Despite these challenges, the team was able to help get this deal to the finish line.

Steven Jackson


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This is the second time we have used NAI Ohio Equities and Matt Osowski. Both times, Matt and his team took full ownership of the process. We were kept informed in every step of the process, no hidden snags at the end. Really trust Matt and his team as experts in their field.

Bob Parsons
Managing Partner

Matthew Osowski acted as a buyer agent for our commercial flex space. As an investor, I appreciated Matt's insight to assure that I did not overlook anything and that I went into the investment with as much information as possible.

Kevin O'Conner
Investment Owner


We had an excellent experience with NAI Ohio Equities after purchasing three commercial properties. In particular, Matt Osowski went above and beyond in helping us with due diligence and purchase of a building/warehouse that had some issues to resolve. He drove the effort! We look forward to working with him in future sales or purchases.

Joe Gillotti



Matt and Curt gave us a set of
expectations then promptly exceeded all
of them. They leased both suites before
the prior tenant vacated, at market lease
rates, then connected us with a contractor
to smoothly handle the build-out. We
would happily return to them for our
leasing work across Columbus.

Jessica Carney

Portfolio Director


We were very happy with the Industrial
Property Team and the Sale-Leaseback
process. It was only 120 days from our
initial meeting until the deal was closed.
From our financial analysis to negotiation
of the Purchase Contract and Lease,
the Industrial Property Team guided us
seamlessly through the entire process.

Todd Sill



I had the pleasure of working with Matt Osowski and Ohio Equities for the past two months looking for the perfect spot for our growing business/warehouse needs. Not only did Matt go above and beyond in finding the right spot for us but was very patient and honest when it came to what fit best for our business and long-term needs. His knowledge of the Columbus area, overall state of the industry, and advice throughout the negotiation was first class. Matt always made himself available when needed and was very thorough from start to end.  Will definitely be referring him and his agency to others looking for a best in class commercial real-estate experience. 

Chris Warren

Director of Operations


Matt Osowski and his team were very knowledgable about the market and were able to provide us with all the options possible for our relocation. After several tours, Matt identified a space that was on the market, however, the landlord did not want to split the space to our suitable size. We toured the space and worked diligently with the landlord to find an agreement that worked for both parties. Matt understood our needs and was able to clearly explain the landlord's objective to reach a common ground.

James C. Lintrol


shipping tree.png

Matt Osowski and the Industrial Property Team did a great job assisting us with our expansion into the Columbus, Ohio, Market.  We had our sights set on a location but our timing was moved up due to our client’s needs.  We found that this space would not be ready in time to meet with our client’s timeline, but Matt and his team adjusted quickly to find us a new property that was able to meet the timing demand.  Matt’s market knowledge and ability to adapt helped us secure a great warehouse/distribution facility in Columbus.

Jesse Kaufman

CEO & Founder

I would like to again sincerely thank you for your excellent service over the last 17 plus years.  Over this period of time, you have represented us with several building acquisitions, both in Ohio and across the country, and with each new project, you have always taken the time to understand our thoughts and negotiate with our interests in mind.  Honestly, it is very comforting to work with someone you can trust and who works so hard to achieve the goals we target.  I sincerely appreciate the partnership and drive you bring with each new project. 


Curt, please also know that without question, I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to complete a real estate project anywhere in the country.

             P. Jeffrey Pizzola

Group CFO & COO

We have worked with Curt since 2012 and he has helped negotiate new leases.  Each time he understood our need to be in a specific geographic area and knew there were limited options that would fit our requirement.  He completed an extensive search, organized the data, and prepared it so it was easy for me to review.  Once a building was chosen, he assisted in the lease negotiation.  His market knowledge is invaluable and key to us feeling confident in our decisions.  I would be happy to recommend him to anyone with industrial needs in the area.

Mollie Elliot

Lead Buyer

NAI-OE and Matt Osowski were extremely patient, helpful and determined to find us the right location and landlord for our special project.  The unique requirements and specifications for our space meant that the number of available sites were limited, Matt was never deterred in his efforts and I can’t thank him and NAI enough!

Jay Fairfield 

Chairman & CEO

I have had the great fortune to work with Matt Osowski as our leasing agent at several properties in Columbus, Ohio.  Because of his tenacity, hard work and understanding of our product type and tenants, we achieved 100% occupancy in this market.

Jill Evans

Portfolio Manager

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